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Treyarch has delivered Radiant Black to a grateful community. It is More than Worth the Wait! We would like to thank Treyarch, Mappers United, the Alpha Test Team and numerous others whose hard work have made all this possible. Join us as we explore this outstanding Mod tool. In our continued efforts to support the mapping community we have undertaken two projects that are meant to support the Black Ops III Mod Tools and perhaps help mappers create their maps.

The first is a new version of the ModTools Helper which has been in use by COD mappers for years now. The current version will provide the mapper a quick way of converting XModel files to XModel_Export Files and will then run the export2bin. with the correct settings.

Modtoolshelper BO3 will :

- adjust XMODEL_EXPORT files and run the export2bin
- run multiple export2bin processes with wildcard
- Convert DDS images to TIFF
- Convert TGA images to PNG
- Create Normal Map images
- Direct Access to Game Directories

The Software is free of charge and is only Distrubuted from our website.

With Black Ops 3 installed you can start the installation of the Black Ops III Modtoolshelper 1.1

The second project involves XModels converted for Export into Black Ops III. We hope this will help the mapping community by making virtually all the XModels from all the previous COD versions available.

Please visit our download section and browse the Converted XModel Library.

In Caulk we Trust.

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