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We are a group of mappers creating maps ,mods and models for the Call Of Duty series. With different skills and experience levels there is always someone to help you get to the next level.

This is also the home of the modtoolshelper for Call of Duty - MW / WaW / BO3.

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Join us in creating new enviroments for players.
Join us in exploring alternatives to COD such as UDK and Blender 3d.
Join us on our COD UO, COD 2, COD4, COD5 and COD BO3 test servers to test your maps.
Join us because its fun.

Regardless of your skill, background, or clan you will find a friendly group of people here to welcome you.

3d mappers is your one stop shop for COD4 - COD5 and BO xmodels converted to BO3,  prefabs, textures, mapping tutorials and free downloads.



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News Release:

First no-cross sniper map for Black Ops 3garage sniper loadscreen

We are happy to announce that Mixx has finished and published his garage sniper map for call of duty black ops 3. The old fashioned Rat map brings back memories to earlier no cross sniper maps. It has turned into a fantastic playable map. You can find the map on the steam workshop here. It will give players hours of dynamic game play.

The map is in rotation on our sniper test server and you are more than welcome to come and have a look at it. The sniper only mod from 3dmappers will let you only choose sniper weapons that are needed for this map. We hope it will be a start for the first no-cross sniper server and will support any clans or servers that want some help in implementing either the mod and or the map. Keep your eyes on the forum and you will see there are more no cross sniper maps underway for anyone that wants to make a rotation of no cross sniper only !


Remarkable Mapsmp enigmaoff

We are proud to present markoff's newest map for Call of Duty - World at War. The map is loosely based on the code breaking facility Bletchley park, where Alan Turing famously broke the German enigma code machine which was said to have shortened the second world war by 2/3 years . These facilities were top secret. The Run and Gun map is sized medium to large and supports DM / TDM / SAB  and Freeze tag. You are more than welcome to shoot this mapper on  his own map on our testserver OR download his map here.