Hello and welcome to our new home.
Pull up a chair and sit a spell while I introduce you to the gang.


evolved from =IFIS= (International friends in sniping)
=IFIS= have released over 20 maps. =IFIS= was created by a small group of people who in the past had been members of clans or other groups. They were all gamers playing all sorts of on line gaming but they all shared a passion for sniping and mapping for the COD series. So this small group decided to go it alone and build their own home that they could share with other mappers.In the beginning there were four original members.

2bd(Bram founder member)

A well known mapper for the COD series. Bram is the technician who beavers away behind the scenes maintaining the servers and creating and updating our web sites. Brams scripting skills are legendary he is the author of the IFIS mod tools helper for the WAW series. Creating and releasing the tools turned the WAW mapping scene on its head when released. The tools made it possible for even a novice to create a working map and with a little bit of help from the crew you could be playing on your own map on one of our test servers. Cool eh. OK next up is

Johnxring(John founder member) John is a experienced mapper with several successful maps to his name. John is very patient and all ways happy to help the new guys along. He plays most on line game types. He builds incredible models everything he does is very precise.

Bloodletter(Nick original member)(MIA)All ready a well respected experienced mapper and gamer before joining =IFIS= His maps are still played on lots of the popular servers. He continues to build and release maps and willingly shares his wealth of knowledge with the newer members who come to the forum for help.

mas36.UK(Dave original member) (MIA)Mapper with multiple maps for cod4 and Cod5 and our well respected forum "janitor".

And so =IFIS= was born to help and encourage people to join with us in the celebration of caulk. As we moved forward people came to the forum some for help. Some just to sit and chat a spell and some just enjoyed the banter and time playing on our servers. Some stayed and some visited for a while then moved on.

On the 27th March 2011 Keith MIXX signed up and started dropping in to say hello and play in game with us. Keith stuck around and eventually started to map. He got involved with the admin side of things and helped to take the load of Bram. He eventually expressed a interested in joining our little group.(OK so we twisted his arm a little bit) So as we move forward with lots of new projects in hand let me be the first to say welcome home. =3d= MIXX (mapper-admin-all round nice Guy)

In December 2014 we found someone sleeping in our teamspeak and building Maps. =3D=JOE(MIA) had arrived and lucky for us he stayed. Leading Projects with a community build and exploring other 3d programs. Always ready to help others he fits right in.

Now more than five years down the line and more than twenty maps later things have changed. Lots of maps created. Lots of people helped with creating there maps. New and up dated releases of Modtools helper and now the guys are opening up new avenues. Blender3d / Unreal editor 4 and so a decision was made to create a new home with a new name that better describes what we are about. So we changed our name to 3dmappers.

But that’s not the end of the story lots of people have come and gone but the mapping carries on. Call of duty Black ops 3 is the latest offering from Activision with the promise of mapping tools to be released for the game. 3dmappers is ready and eager to start building with the new tools there is an air of excitement amongst the group. At last a new opportunity to create new and exciting maps for the gaming community.

And then just when you thought it was safe in august 2015. We had a joint project map running with a shared drop box. We spotted a new guy and some of the stuff he put in his folder looked promising. So we encouraged him. He continued to visit the forum and eventually created a map. The map was good enough to run on a test server. Low and behold another talented mapper was discovered. So we invited him in. Let me introduce you to our latest member/mapper.

Markoff Mark is a creative mapper with several maps to his name he continues to get better and we welcome him home.

The name says it all.!!!!!