Modtoolshelper BO3 will :

- adjust XMODEL_EXPORT files and run the export2bin
- run multiple export2bin processes with wildcard
- Convert DDS images to TIFF
- Convert TGA images to PNG
- Create Normal Map images 
- Direct Access to Game Directories

The Software is free of charge and is only Distrubuted from our website.


For the Mappers that want to get going BEFORE the modtools are released here is our first tutorial.


With Black Ops 3 installed you can start the installation of the Black Ops III Modtoolshelper 1.1




Make Sure your Destination Folder is the steam folder where your version of Call of Duty Black Ops III is installed !!!

When the installer has finished you will have a shortcut on your desktop.

 using TomXmodelUtils v1 to export the model that you want to use for your Black Ops Modtools.

the export will be in the model_export folder from the game you took it from. (In this case this cod4-mw model is in the cod4/model_export folder


Now copy the complete folder over to your Call of Duty Black Ops III/model_export folder.

(Make the model_export folder if it does not exist)

Inside the exported model folder (ad_sodamachine) you will find an image folder with a content similar to the picture below.

Now start BO3 Modtoolshelper and click on "select folder and convert" select the folder you want converted. (in this case ad_sodamachine)


When the operation is finished the progress bar will stop flashing.  



Now you can use the shortcuts tab to get to the model_export folder fast !

click the model name you have converted.

Both modelfile is converted and also the image files are converted to formats that can be used in Black Radiant.



While we are waiting for the modtools to arrive for Black Ops III you can start converting the models that you need for your first map !


Download your free BO3 Modtoolshelper here.

Regularly check for updates in the program to make sure you benefit from the latest functions.