Modtools Helper - Modern Warfare Gives error free scripting for Call of Duty - Modern Warfare mapper.

The program will make gsc, csv, fx, sounds, loadscreens, minimaps and iwd files for your maps.

Also it is possible to save your mapsettings for the modtools helper and load them at a later stage for adjusting your map.

Our hope is that this software will make mapping easier and less frustrating for all mappers.


This Software will only be distributed from our website.

You can only download the Latest Modtools Helper here as a registered member from our Download section.

The Latest Version is currently 1.1 for both 32 and 64 bit systems.

Version 1.1 additions 

maps can be run from the minimap tab in fullscreen. (press take picture)
- maps can be run mod specific.  This so that you can test your map out with different mods easily.
  This has also big benefits for the modders testing out their mods.

Version 2.0 extras

- Map creation with world spawn settings   AND if the map is made with the modtools helper you will be change your
  worldspawn settings afterwards. just by selecting it , creating your scripts and recompile your map.
- Vision File creation all done at a mouseclick !!!!!

 This version 2.0 is now available for free download UPDATE YOUR version 1.1 now. 

 Thank you for your support for our modtoolshelper /website /test servers !!!!!